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Game Thread: Game 118

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

                 GIANTS PROBABLE:
Aaron Harang (8-10, 3.90)       Kevin Correia (1-3, 4.84)

Not a lot going on with the Reds, but I did find this interesting:

A couple of weeks before the non-waiver trade deadline, Reds general manager Dan O'Brien approached David Weathers and told the veteran relief pitcher he wasn't going anywhere.

Weathers assured that Saturday evening at Miller Park.

The veteran's ninth-inning appearance was his 55th out of the Reds' bullpen this season. That triggered a $1.25 million club option for next season.

Weathers has been a nice surprise this year, although $1.25 million is quite a bit since he's getting up there in years.  If 2007 goes badly, the Reds can always flip him at the deadline, so there's that as insurance.  And as bad as the bullpen has been lately I can't really complain about keeping an effective member around for another season.