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More Griffey Rumors

The Griffey to the White Sox rumors just won't die:

With Scott Podsednik's health still in question, perhaps the White Sox will sweeten the pot to acquire Ken Griffey Jr.

Various reports this weekend have said that Griffey has cleared waivers, which means he is eligible to be traded to any team. While a trade of that magnitude seems unlikely, the Sox were willing to pull it off just more than two weeks ago at the non-waiver trade deadline.

The Sun Times goes on to say that acquiring Griffey would create a logjam in the White Sox outfield, since Chicago is now pretty high on Aaron Rowand.  I'd personally much rather have Griffey starting and Rowand coming off the bench, but that's just from a cursory glance at Rowand's numbers.  It's possible his defense might make him more attractive.