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John Sickels: Prospect Retro for Felipe

A great article on our lone All-Star:

Lopez spent 2001 and 2002 bouncing between Triple-A and the Majors, flashing potential but for the most part being overmatched. The Blue Jays eventually shipped him to Cincinnati, where he had two more split seasons, before breaking out in 2005. Retrospectively, it was clear that the Blue Jays both rushed him too quickly, and gave up on him too quickly, not giving him enough time to develop the baseball skills to go with his physical tools.

Make sure you click through and read the rest.

It could be argued that the Reds also gave up on him too quickly, keeping him on the bench until he muscled his way into the starting lineup.

It's still awfully early to say such a thing, but Felipe is looking like a cornerstone player.  At the moment he's hitting .310/.357/.535 in 284 at bats.  He's a little batting average heavy, but you have to love the power.