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O'Brien Denies Bowden Story

From the DDN:

That, though, isn't what some folks in Washington say is the obstacle. They say that obstacle is a refusal by Reds General Manager Dan O'Brien to return Bowden's phone calls or e-mails.

It's the second time this season that charge has surfaced, the first time in the Dayton Daily News and again Thursday in The Washington Post. O'Brien flatly denies it.

Said The Washington Post report, "Don't look for Eric Milton to wind up in Washington by the July 31 trade deadline. A club source reiterated yesterday that the Reds won't return Bowden's calls and that they aren't going to do anything to help Jim win."

O'Brien is in Billings, Mont., with the club's Pioneer Rookie League team and laughed aloud when the report was read to him.

"I've probably not talked to Jim in about 10 days," he said. "I explained to him at that time that our manager, Jerry Narron, and the coaches asked me for 10 days to two weeks to get a handle on our personnel. He said he would get back to me then."

O'Brien paused and laughed again before saying, "I got an e-mail from Jim Bowden today giving me his new e-mail address."

O'Brien said not much is active on the trade front anywhere right now, "But I expect appreciable activity to pick up during the All-Star Game."

My opinion of O'Brien would change quite a bit if he could get rid of Milton.  For anything.  Anything at all.

The next month should be quite interesting in Reds Land.  And then football starts, so we've got that to look forward to at least.  And the offseason.  Maybe some more trades ... or something.

I wonder what it's like to root for a team that goes to the playoffs?  It's been six - ten years, I can't really remember.