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No Deals with the Nats?

From the Washington Times:

Bob Boone, special assistant to Bowden, was dispatched to San Francisco on Tuesday night to watch Cincinnati Reds left-hander Eric Milton face the Giants. Boone gave very positive reports on the former University of Maryland star, who has a 7.20 ERA but has produced back-to-back quality starts and has been a subject of recent trade rumors.

Don't look for Milton -- or any other Cincinnati player -- to wind up in Washington by the July 31 trading deadline, though. A club source reiterated yesterday that the Reds won't return Bowden's calls and that they "aren't going to do anything to help Jim win."

It seems to me that giving Jim Eric Milton would be a good way to ensure that Jim doesn't win, but whatever.

There's only 29 teams to trade with in baseball.  I certainly hope Dan O'Brien, or anyone else in the front office, isn't refusing to deal with one of them.