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Game Thread: Game 83

TIME: 10:05 @ SBC Park

                 GIANTS PROBABLE:
Luke Hudson (1-3, 10.18)       Kevin Correia (0-0, 3.60)

I've never heard of Kevin Correia, so this should be a win.

Then again it's Luke Hudson and his 10.00+ ERA tonight, so anything could happen.

Anderson Machado was called up today.  EdE was sent back to Louisville.

Marc Lancaster is actually displaying some subtle snark:

Jerry Narron wasn't kidding yesterday when he said Anderson Machado might be needed in the outfield when the lifelong infielder came off the disabled list. Bench coach John Moses spent some time during early batting practice today hitting fly balls not only to Machado but also to Ray Olmedo.

Has either Venezuelan middle infielder ever played outfield before?

"Never in my life," said Machado.

"No, never," said Olmedo.


"The big thing I wanted is for them not to be shocked if, in the eighth inning or the 11th inning of a game, they go in the outfield," said Narron. "We're not talking about them getting a start."

Meanwhile, Austin Kearns is hitting .324 with 11 doubles, four home runs and 15 RBIs in 18 games at Louisville.

There's no excuse for Austin to not be with the major league team if we're talking about putting Anderson Machado of all people in the outfield.  There are times when it becomes difficult not to despise this team.

But nonetheless, let's go Reds!