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Was it all Gullett?

Interesting Eric Milton news:

Milton has kept the Reds in the game in each of his last starts. The turnaround started with a video tape session.

"I wasn't using my lower half," he said. "I got away from it after the knee surgery (in 2003). I went back to really pushing off."

As a result Milton's velocity is up. He hit 94 on the scoreboard radar reading Tuesday.

"He's really letting the ball go," Narron said. "He did a great job, especially after the way it started."

Vern Ruhle is said to be big on using videotape to correct problems, an approach which seems blindingly obvious to me.  It's still far too soon to tell how big a part of the problem Gullett was, but it's awfully encouraging to see Milton put up two quality starts in a row.