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From Marc Lancaster:

The Reds officially optioned EZ Ramirez to Louisville after the game and called up right-hander Jason Standridge from AAA.

Also, Ricky Stone refused his outright assignment and elected free agency.

Jason Standridge.  Good grief.

Ramirez struggled pretty badly today, so it's no surprise to see him shipped back down.  The Reds ought to give him a shot in the bullpen for the rest of '05, and then give him a shot at the rotation next season.  Why don't the Reds ever try that strategy?  Seems like a better way of breaking pitchers in than the way the Reds go about it now.

Standridge has been in the Devil Rays system for years (but hails most recently from Texas - shock, I know), and hasn't ever looked all that promising. He's thrown 67.2 innings at the major league level, and he has a 6.38 ERA to show for it.  Mediocre K rate at all levels of the minors, high BB rate.  

I just can't begin to tell you what the Reds are ever thinking these days.  They literally do what you least expect, again and again.

The fact that Chris Booker has to continue toiling at AAA so a guy like Standridge can receive an undeserved shot proves that there's no justice in the world.  Not in Dan O'Brien's world anyway.