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Front Page Polls

Results of the first two front page polls:

Should the Reds trade Adam Dunn?

Yes - 58 votes, 31%
No - 127 votes, 68%

Looks like most of us are happy with the lack of activity concerning Dunn, at least thus far.

Do you like the return for Joe Randa?

Yes - 126 votes, 91%
No - 12 votes, 9%

Very popular trade here.  It's kind of tough to tell what the Reds have with Germano and Chick, especially since the Padres system is supposedly weak, but two arms with some upside for a half season rental of Joe Randa seems like a solid return to me, as it does to most of you apparently.

The current poll asks what you think of Dan O'Brien's handling of the trade deadline.  It's a rather open ended question, since he hasn't really done much, but I personally feel okay with the lack of moves. I'd really like to see Rich Aurilia dealt, for just about anything, but I don't mind holding on to Mercker and Weathers if DanO doesn't feel he's getting enough back.  

I get the feeling Sean Casey could have been dealt (and, until 4:00 PM on Sunday I suppose he still could be), but there's no way to know for sure which makes it tough to get upset.

Sunday should be interesting, whether the Reds take part or not.