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Jim Bowden Interview

Here's an interview with Jim Bowden:

SHANKS: You were a young GM before it was cool. But you had significant player development experience, right?

BOWDEN: Yea I had a lot of experience but I surrounded myself with a lot of veteran baseball people. I was a young GM but I didn't have all the answers. I made sure I surrounded myself with people that had a lot of experience. Obviously like everybody else, the one thing that statistics do is that it's factual information. Jim Leyland had trained me when I was younger. He said, "The one thing about statistics is that statistics don't lie. It's factual."

I'm not sure he really walks that walk, but at least he pays it lip service.  

It's amazing how terrible O'Brien looks in comparison with JimBo, because Bowden certainly isn't a top (or even middle) tier GM.  He's having success in D.C., but that's almost in spite of himself.  The Christian Guzman signing was quite possibly worse than the Milton deal, and Vinny Castilla is predictably playing like crap.  

And yet I'd still rather have Bowden than this clown.