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Lots of rumors and other things happening.

* Check out this great piece from Joel over at Reds (and Blues):

In a surprise move, the Cincinnati Reds have traded left fielder Adam Dunn to the rock band Van Halen in return for tickets to their next tour as well as a CD box set collection of the band's entire catalogue, dating back to their first album entitled "Van Halen," which was released in 1978.

I think that's somewhat close to the return we're all dreading.

* Dayn Perry calls the Reds deadline winners of the Day:

Each day that passes without a trade of Adam Dunn is an incremental victory for Reds fans. Plenty of rumors swirl about Dunn, mostly because his rare performance profile makes him hard to project in terms of what he might command in arbitration. Dunn's not a player who'll age well, so something like a six- or seven-year contract isn't advisable.

However, he is a special talent in the here and now. Dunn this year has a .392 OBP, boasts the seventh-best SLG in the NL and is on pace for 45 homers. Furthermore, by season's end he might be in the top 15 all-time for career home runs before age 26.

Some have soured on Dunn because of his low batting averages and lofty strikeout totals, but that ignores his astounding -- and more important -- secondary hitting skills. The Reds would understandably like to relieve their outfield bottleneck, but this is not the way to go. The club should be doing its level best to persuade Ken Griffey Jr. to waive his no-trade provision and then strike a deal with the Yankees, who are in the market for a center fielder.

The only excuse for trading Dunn is if it occurs after an 11-martini lunch for GM Dan O'Brien. Dunn's going to be too potent over the next three or four seasons to squander him now.

Dayn's a pretty smart guy, so I hope the Reds are listening.

* Newsday says Griffey's not for sale:

The Yankees looked at Seattle's Randy Winn, Texas' Gary Matthews Jr. and Colorado's Eric Byrnes. Also, Michael Kay reported on his ESPN Radio show that the Yankees called the Reds about Ken Griffey Jr., but were told he wasn't available.

*  Which makes a bit of sense when you read this:

One AL executive said the reason the Reds are not putting Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns on the trade market is because the team may be sold and that decision should be left to the next administration.

If this is true then Dan O'Brien has no balls whatsoever.  None.  He needs to be doing what's best for the Reds chances of winning in the future, not keeping an absolutely terrible team intact.

Keeping the team together for new ownership is an idiotic move, unless the next administration is going to include a new general manager.  Why do the Reds allow their ownership so much say in player decisions?  Ugh.