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Game Thread: Game 101

TIME: 10:10 @ Dodger Stadium

               DODGERS PROBABLE:
Ramon Ortiz (6-6, 6.12)       Jeff Weaver (8-8, 4.41)

The Royals are interested in Austin Kearns:

Neither do the Royals appear any closer to acquiring longtime targets Austin Kearns of the Reds and Kevin Mench of the Rangers.

Talks with the Reds regarding Kearns or Adam Dunn are at a standstill over Cincinnati's insistence that either one is worth a proven No. 1 starter in return. The Royals probably would need to part with Zack Greinke and either MacDougal or Affeldt to revive discussions.

Kearns for Greinke is an interesting deal.  Not sure how I'd feel about it, and I'm not sure the Royals would do it.  Greinke is pretty much what you'd have to get if you're dealing with the Royals though, there's not much else worth having.

I still think Ramon Ortiz needs to head to the bullpen, but he's been pitching a bit better of late.  Let's go Reds!