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Dunn Willing to Sign a LTC

From Cox News:

Adam Dunn barely reached the tunnel to the Cincinnati Reds clubhouse Monday when he arrived at Dodger Stadium and a camera was in his face and broadcaster Charley Steiner asked, "Are you going to be traded?"

Dunn gave his best mystified shrug and said, "How do I know?"

His name surfaces everywhere, but Cincinnati Reds general manager Dan O'Brien steadfastly says Dunn is one of the young core players and won't be traded.

"I wish they'd tell me," said Dunn. "I really do. Nobody has said that to me or anything. I keep getting asked about getting traded and all I can say is, `I don't know, I really don't know.'"

If it is true that O'Brien doesn't want to trade Dunn or Austin Kearns or Wily Mo Pena, isn't it time to offer Dunn a multi-year contract before he goes to arbitration this winter and is awarded $9 million?

O'Brien said he plans to stay consistent with club policy not to talk contract extensions, but did say about Dunn, "That's an off-season possibility. We just aren't going to do it during ther season because too often it creates a distraction."

Dunn said he would love to do a deal and one might get done for three years at, oh, $22 million or so.

"I haven't heard a word about that, either," said Dunn. "It confuses me and, I mean, I don't know. I don't know what's going on. A long-term deal is something I'd definitely love to have. I'd love to stay here."

Best Reds news I've heard in awhile.