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Game Thread: Game 100

TIME: 10:10 @ Dodger Stadium

Eric Milton (4-10, 7.08)       Odalis Perez (5-5, 4.56)

I didn't realize how badly the Dodgers were struggling this year until I looked at the standings last night.  Going into yesterday's game, the Dodgers were 10 games under .500 and , a position I don't think many people expected them to be in at the end of July.  The NL West isn't the strongest division however, so the Dodgers still only find themselves five back of the Padres (Go Joe!).

Not that the Reds would be contending there either, but it must be nice to be in a division where the leader is only a game over .500.  The Cardinals are 26 over.

Milton's seeming turnaround was ended with his last start, and he's now got an ugly 5.73 ERA in July, to go along with his other sterling months.  His ERA is back over 7 for the season.  I can't believe there's truly a team out there willing to take him, but crazier things have happened I suppose.

Have to agree with this.  It wouldn't surprise me a bit if moving Aurilia is all the Reds do before the deadline.