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Game Thread: Game 99

TIME: 10:10 @ Dodger Stadium

                 DODGERS PROBABLE:
Aaron Harang (6-8, 3.88)       Derek Lowe (6-10, 4.04)

When I was in the first grade I had a beautiful teacher, young, just out of college.  My six year old self had a huge crush.

Second grade rolls around, and I walk into my classroom on the first day with the expectation of seeing a similar teacher (after all, the last teacher had been young and hot, surely all teachers must be the same, right?) ... and instead see a little old lady with a scowl on her face.

The adjustment was tough.  And the teacher was mean.  She smacked kids with a ruler if they didn't hold their pencils correctly, and she screamed at us all ... the ... time.  Now remember, this is the late 80's here, I'm not talking about a long ago era.  I sincerely doubt she was allowed to slap kids, but we really didn't know any better.

I was a pretty good kid, who didn't really enjoy being screamed at, but I made it through because I had an edge over the other kids. Mrs. Farris was a Reds fan, and I probably knew more about the Reds than any other seven year old in Hillsboro.

I talked to her about the Reds constantly through the year, and when April arrived I begged her to bring in the TV for Opening Day.  We watched the first few innings before school let out, and I watched as Paul O'Neill went 4-4, and the Reds won 6-4.

For years afterward I'd stop by Mrs. Farris' room to see how the Reds had done when they were on the west coast.  I had to go to bed around the time the games were just beginning, but Mrs. Farris always stayed up, and she always had a score and some commentary for me.

She was scary as hell, but I still think of her every time the Reds head out west.

Let's go Reds!