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Charlie Sheen and the 1990 Reds

I don't know how I missed this:

Reformed hell-raiser CHARLIE SHEEN left a whole baseball team with endless wild memories, after throwing them a party at his house complete with prostitutes and porn stars.

The actor, who's marriage to DENISE RICHARDS broke down recently, generously entertained CINCINNATI REDS team members at his California home when he was at the height of his wild days.

Former Reds player ROB DIBBIE tells FHM, "During our championship season in 1990, Charlie Sheen threw us a couple of parties at his Malibu house. He spent over $50,000 - all of it on strippers, hookers and porn stars.

"For one party, he sent limos to pick us up from Dodger Stadium. I actually blew the save that night.

"I like having fun, but this was a freak show. I saw one of my fat, ugly teammates having sex with this beautiful porn star in a Jacuzzi."

Who could that fat, ugly teammate be? I was discussing this with Joel, of Reds (and Blues), and he suggested Ron Robinson.

Looks right to me:

ron robinson

I pity that poor porn star.