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Weathers and Mercker to Stay Reds?

The latest from Rosenthal:

The Reds aren't rushing to trade their veteran relievers, LHP Kent Mercker and RHP David Weathers. Mercker is signed for next season at a salary that will range from $1.35 million to $1.55 million based on his number of appearances this season. Weathers is 10 appearances shy of triggering a club option that will pay him between $1.25 million and $1.5 million next season. . . .

Fine with me.  The last few years have proven that building a bullpen is difficult work.  Reds fans were spoiled by Bowden's fantastic (and fantastically cheap) bullpens in the 90's, and I think we all forgot that good relief pitching isn't the norm.

Now if DanO gets a solid offer for either of them I certainly think he should take it.  But there's no point in trading them just because they're veteran relievers and the Reds are 20 games back.

Also from the column:

The A's began Sunday only one game out in the wild-card race, but it's possible that the July 31 non-waiver deadline will pass without general manager Billy Beane making a major move. Reds LF Adam Dunn would be a perfect fit for a team that ranks next-to-last in the A.L. in on-base/slugging percentage in the D.H. spot, but such a move would be too costly for the A's in both dollars and players.

Not surprising.  If the A's covet a Cincinnati Reds outfielder I think it's likely to be Austin Kearns anyway.  I'm believing more and more that DanO isn't going to move an outfielder before the deadline, and that if he does it'll be Wily Mo Pena that gets moved.