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Game Thread: Game 97

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

                       BREWERS PROBABLE:
Brandon Claussen (4-7, 4.22)       Victor Santos (2-10, 3.82)

A guy has to have some pretty bad luck to be 2-10 with a 3.82 ERA.

Guess which team is out of the cellar?  Half a game up on Pittsburgh now.  And the Reds are now also the highest scoring team in the National League.

Oh how I wish for an average pitching staff.

I love the Randa trade.  I'll certainly give credit where credit's due, and Dan O'Brien did a good job here.  It wouldn't surprise me if Germano ends up in the starting rotation next year on Opening Day.

Kudos to Joe Randa.  It was fun watching him for the last couple of months.  I hope the Padres make it to the postseason for his sake; he certainly deserves to play in the playoffs.

EdE joins the team tonight, and I have to imagine that he'll be with the Reds from here on out.

Let's go Reds!