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Game Thread: Game 95

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

             BREWERS PROBABLE:
Ramon Ortiz (5-6, 6.30)       Tomo Ohka (6-4, 3.64)

Apologies for the lack of posting today, things have been a little hectic.

Rumors are swirling:

Casey to the Mets is being discussed on WFAN.

The Cubs are interested in Kearns, but I don't think a deal's going to go down if they're only offering Todd Wellemeyer and Sergio Mitre.  

I have a source telling me that Randa to the Padres is very close to being done.  I've never posted anything like this before, because it seems too easy to get burned if the "source" is just pulling your leg, (plus I've only received info like this a couple of times in the past) but this is someone I trust so I'm passing it along.  I don't want this to ever become a rumor blog, because it just invites all kinds of nastiness (see: Team Clark over at RedsZone), but I'm making an exception this once.

Of course when Randa is shipped to the Twins next week I'll probably be regretting this!

Let's go Reds!