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Game Thread: Game 94

TIME: 12:35 @ Great American Ball Park

               CUBS PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (4-10, 6.93)       Greg Maddux (8-7, 4.51)

In July so far, Eric Milton has thrown 18 innings and put up a 4.50.  It's so sad that the Reds have fallen so far, but those numbers are actually exciting compared to what he's done with the rest of his season.

Greg Maddux is going to have trouble today, due to the giant fork sticking out of his back.  Hurts his sense of balance from what I understand.

Was last night great or what?  I'd love to see a repeat and a split.  Yeah, the Reds might be terrible, but it's pretty clear that these Cubs aren't playoff material either.  Houston is in the process of blowing by them, and I'm thinking Chicago is going to languish in third for the rest of the season.  I still don't know what I was thinking picking them to win the division.  Sometimes the popular opinion is popular for a reason I suppose.

Hey, if the Reds win today and the Pirates lose then we're out of the cellar.  It's all about baby steps when you're trying to climb back to just respectable.

Let's go Reds!