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Game Thread: Game 93

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

               CUBS PROBABLE:
Aaron Harang (5-8, 3.95)       Kerry Wood (3-2, 4.41)

I have a good feeling about tonight, for whatever that's worth.

You'd think with all the Ryan Freel/Kenny Kelly/Anderson Machado/Austin Kearns madness earlier that there'd be nothing else going on with the Reds, but you'd be wrong.

Dan O'Brien is really shooting high when it comes to trade talk:

Instead of adding a starting pitcher, the Orioles could look to bolster their already potent offense. One club official said they asked the Cincinnati Reds about slugger Adam Dunn, but the Reds told them their asking price started with Bedard.

The Reds have frustrated many teams with their high demands. When the Twins inquired about third baseman Joe Randa last month, Cincinnati came back asking for one of three young pitchers: Jesse Crain, Francisco Liriano or Scott Baker.

The Twins, of course, declined. As desperate as they are for an offensive jolt, they refuse to mortgage their future.

Well, screw you Minnesota Twins.  If you don't want to mortgage your future to get out of the first round of the playoffs (if you even make it into the playoffs), then you can just die.

Is what Dan O'Brien should be thinking.  Yeah.


I'd be pretty happy if O'Brien eventually manages to get one of those three pitchers for Randa, but I'm not sure it'll happen.  It seems like Randa's name has come up every trade deadline for years, and yet the Royals were never able to move him.  That might say quite a bit about the incompetence of the Royals, but it might also say something about Joe Randa.  Yes, he's having a nice year, but it's also clear by looking at his career stats that he's playing over his head.  Other teams realize that.

But when you're making a legit run for the playoffs then you have to pay for the pieces to get you over the top.  If a team doesn't want to pay then screw 'em.  Some other team will.  There's always a New York Mets type franchise willing to deal Scott Kazmir for a playoff run.  DanO just needs to find them.

I don't have faith that he will, but maybe he'll surprise me.

No link, but the Columbus Dispatch ran a story today all but guaranteeing that Ken Griffey Jr. would approve a trade to the right team.  Take that for what it's worth.  I certainly don't know how I feel about trading him.  Mixed emotions for sure.

John Sickels recently did a prospect retro on Wily Mo Pena:

In 698 career at-bats, slightly more than a complete season, Pena has hit .252/.305/.489 with 44 homers. He's also struck out an incredible 234 times while drawing only 43 walks. Projecting what he will do in the future is difficult. His contact problems are severe, but his power is undeniable, he's made a lot of progress, and he is still very young

Pena's clearly the guy we should be unloading.  Anyone else notice that his production has fallen off a cliff recently?  He's certainly a useful player, but I'd take Kearns and Dunn over him every day of the week.

I don't know how I missed this.  Just go, it's funny and worth your time.

Finally, we have a new addition to the Reds blogosphere, so go and check out We Heart the Reds, written by a couple of former college roommates.  They'll be getting a link to the side, and I hope they can handle the life consuming nature of blogging about the Reds.  

Let's go Reds!  Kill some Cubbies.