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Game Thread: Game 92

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

               CUBS PROBABLE:
Luke Hudson (1-4, 9.85)       Mark Prior (6-3, 3.07)

Yes, the Reds are out of the NL Central race, as our favorite Korean cartoonist emphasizes here:

Our little guy doesn't even get to take a swing at the mighty Cardinal.  Poor little fella'.

(Hat tip to Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Jason Romano elected to be a free agent today, apparently ending the intimate relationship he shared with Dan O'Brien.  I have no other way of explaining why Romano received so much playing time. Austin Kearns in AAA, and Jason Romano in the big leagues was absolutely criminal, no matter how much people might believe that Austin needs at bats.

Why is Luke Hudson still in the starting rotation?  Why do I have to ask this about a Reds pitcher on what seems like a weekly basis? Six starts with a near 10 ERA tells me that, you know something just might be wrong here.  But apparently the Reds braintrust (an oxymoron if I ever saw one) thinks otherwise.

It's not as if his secondary stats are any good either.  Hudson's walked 18 hitters in 24.2 IP, while only striking out 11.  That's insanely bad.

I'm sure in a couple of weeks we'll learn that he's not healthy, but my question is why don't the Reds give the guy an MRI?  Just for the pure hell of it.  MRI's all around!  Any Reds pitcher with an ERA over 5 (which is most of them), step right up!  Let's see who's healthy and who's not, so that we can at the least get some healthy guys up from AAA.

At this point there's nothing left to do but see if there's anything useable at AAA.  Winning is obviously secondary to this team (see: Austin Kearns), which certainly isn't an incorrect philosophy at this late date.  So call up some people and see how they do.  DL the guys in the major leagues who are hurting.  No point in fighting through the pain when your team is 38-54.

12 days until the trading deadline. Fasten your seatbelts.