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Interesting Comments About GAB

From the NY Daily News:

The word has gone out from the All-Star Game to the Phillies and Reds in particular: Be advised: The pitchers have declared war on your ballparks.

"If you ask me," said John Smoltz, "they can't ever win in Philadelphia or Cincinnati with those new ballparks. They're just so unfair to pitchers and that's got to be in their pitchers' mind-set."

Phillies closer Billy Wagner doesn't disagree. When asked if he thought the Phillies could win in their two-year-old Citizens Bank Ballpark, generally reputed to have the shortest fences in baseball, he replied: "I don't. You're not going to have a pitching staff that can be consistently effective if you don't give them any room for error. You don't need a thumper in these ballparks."

Whether or not GAB inflates offense isn't even the point.  If major league pitchers believe it does, then the damage has already been done.  

It's tough enough to get free agents to come to Cincinnati when the Reds are in last place and look like they don't have a clue.  It's going to be even now with Eric Milton's failings reinforcing everyone's belief that GAB is a bandbox.

Just one more thing to worry about I guess.