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Marlins Looking to Trade A.J. Burnett

I have to wonder why the Reds aren't trying to get in on this:

The Florida Marlins have talked to at least six teams, including the Orioles, in the past few days about trading starting pitcher A.J. Burnett, baseball sources confirmed yesterday.

The Orioles are apparently in the Burnett sweepstakes, which may be headed by the aggressive Chicago White Sox. Also showing interest are Toronto, San Diego and both Los Angeles teams.

The Marlins are looking to acquire a late-inning reliever, with the Orioles' Jorge Julio considered a key part of a potential deal.

A late inning reliever.  I'd give them any two of our relievers, plus any prospect in the system not named Edwin Encarnacion.

The Reds are always desperate for pitching, especially for a number one starter, but when one actually becomes available we seemingly do nothing.  

Edited to add that I realize Burnett is a free agent this offseason, and a trade would be contingent upon the Reds being able to extend his contract. That might be impossible, but if I were GM I'd certainly give it a shot. A great deal of money is coming off the books this year with Graves gone, and if Casey could be traded then there would be money for a pitcher like Burnett, even if he received something in the range of $12-$14 million a year for three years.