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You're the GM (Enquirer)

Everyone wants to trade Dunn.

Part of me thinks Reds fans deserve to watch a losing team.  Good lord.

I'm fairly certain Michael emailed John Fay:

One novel suggestion was to sign Randa for two or three years and trade Edwin Encarnacion on the theory that Randa's a proven commodity, and Encarnacion would have more trade value.

I can't imagine someone else coming up with that plan.

I'd like to think Fay picked the dumbest suggestions, but, sadly, I doubt that was the case.

Here are the most hilarious suggestions:

From Mic in Greenup, Ky.:

Build a new team around Joe Randa, Rich Aurilia, Griffey and Felipe Lopez.

From George May:

I am one of the few that still belive that this team doesn't have to do that much to be competitive.

I would try and resign Joe Randa to a two-year contract, teach Encarnacion to play left or center field, trade Adam Dunn or Ken Griffey Jr. or both to the Seattle Mariners for Raul Ibanez or Randy Winn and a minor league prospect.

Take the money from Dunn or Griffey and get the best pitcher available this winter that we can afford possibly Mark Redman.

I believe Milton and Wilson can come back. Sign a couple affordable relievers. Keep this coaching staff.

And then all the hopelessness and stupidity, in one place for your perusal:

Let's trade Dunn - our team's worst clutch hitter and biggest fielding liability - for a good, young Oakland pitcher.

Adam Dunn has sulked his way out of town and better yet is due for nearly $10 million next year. Move him!

Trade Adam Dunn. His trade value is probably at its highest right now.

I'd trade Adam Dunn and Joe Randa in a package deal to the Dodgers.

Adam Dunn to the Astros for Wandy Rodriguez and Brandon Backe.

Dunn is a young Rob Deer, who will get paid a lot eventually. He's a slugger, but has a lot to learn about 'helping the team win games.' He's probably our most sought after trade bait.

Trade Adam Dunn or Wily Mo Pena and Eric Milton to Oakland for Barry Zito and a player to be named later.

First, trade one of the young outfielders (most likely Dunn or Pena) for a young starting pitcher.

The D'Backs have an aging outfield and would surely like to get their hands on Adam Dunn, Wily Mo Pena, or Austin Kearns. Adam Dunn would probably have the most value. I would offer them their choice of the three and a top prospect for Brandon Webb.

Adam Dunn certainly has the highest market value of any player on the Reds roster. Trading him for a frontline pitcher would be the best move the team could make at this time.

(This one made me want to scream.) Trade Adam Dunn to Houston for Willie Taveras, he is a great leadoff man, what the team has been lacking and Adam has interest in playing in is home town.

I think Adam Dunn should be traded for Roy Oswalt.

Let's keep it simple. Trade Adam Dunn.