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Dodgers Looking at Dunn

From the LA Times:

The Dodgers are trying to reel in a power hitter "earlier rather than later," but haven't found a willing partner.

DePodesta is believed to have targeted Adam Dunn, the Cincinnati Red outfielder-first baseman. However, Red General Manager Dan O'Brien and interim Manager Jerry Narron want to wait until after the All-Star break before unloading players.

Incredibly, Dan O'Brien has said there will be absolutely no trades for the next few weeks, due to the request of Narron:

He said, in fact, that the Reds aren't shopping anyone at the request of new manager Jerry Narron.

"Jerry and the coaches have asked for a few weeks to evaluate the players," O'Brien said. "We're going to honor that."

I'm sorry, but hasn't Narron been here all along?  What exactly does he need to evaluate?

This team ... I'll tell ya, this team is just a comedy of errors.  It never ends.  There's never a dull moment, and there's never a signal that things might get a little better.