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Game Thread: Game 59

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

               DEVIL RAYS PROBABLE:
Luke Hudson (0-0, 0.00)       Casey Fossum (2-3, 3.54)

Unfortunately I've heard of Casey Fossum, so we can't break out the rule that worked so well last night.  Bummer.

Joe Kennedy is supposedly on the trading block.  Anyone interested?  The Rockies are said to be looking for relief help.  I'd send them Mercker and Belisle in a heartbeat, and I think that might be enough.

Kennedy has struggled this year, but I still think he looks better than the vast majority of what the Reds trot out to the pitching mound every night.  Go and buy cheap DanO.  Not that he would understand buying cheap.  If Kennedy cost $24 million over three years we'd probably be more interested.  As long as he was a "proven winner".

[Update: Rich Aurilia is starting tonight for Felipe Lopez. I am annoyed.]