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Ramirez Out, Hudson In

From Marc Lancaster:

Elizardo Ramirez has been optioned back to Louisville and will return to the Bats' rotation. An easy move, and one that was overdue. Still, I'd say he showed enough in his time up here to figure prominently in future plans. He's got plenty of confidence, and he knows what he's doing on the mound.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Hudson has tonight after being down so long.

It's June 9th and we're finally seeing Luke Hudson.  Certainly not what we all hoped for in the preseason.  

So if the Reds sweep the D-Rays does that put Miley and O'Brien out of harm's way?  

Not that I haven't enjoyed the past couple nights (especially Wily Mo, one of my all time favorite players, coming back) but I'm not sure beating the Devil Rays means a whole lot right now.

I'm loathe to bash any other team, since my favorite team is so terrible, but the Devil Rays are still a couple of years away, at best.  And the D-Rays, like everyone else, have lit up Reds pitching the past two nights.  Allowing sixteen runs in two days isn't good against anyone, let along Tampa.

It should be interesting to see how Hudson does this season.  I think his results last year were at least partially the result of some extreme luck with his BABIP, but we shall see.  And hopefully I'm wrong, and he turns into another Harangutan.

baby orangutang