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Mr. Allen Goes to Denver

This was discussed a little in yesterday's game thread, but it deserves it's own entry:

Cincinnati Reds chief operating officer John Allen flew to Denver and met with manager Dave Miley on Sunday to discuss the direction of the struggling franchise.

Calling the team's performance this season ``unacceptable,'' Allen said he didn't speak directly to the players, but acknowledged changes could be on the way if things don't turn around soon.

``Certainly the status-quo end result is unacceptable,'' Allen said before Sunday's game against Colorado. ``I'm not going to pinpoint names, but I don't think any of us find this acceptable. We have some very professional players in this locker room that I know are in a lot of misery right now.''

And from Hal McCoy:

Appearing unexpectedly like an apparition and with a demeanor that had the players thinking, "Grim Reaper," club president John Allen walked in the door.

Changes coming? Will manager Dave Miley be fired? Will pitching coach Don Gullett and hitting coach Chris Chambliss be swept out the door?

Allen acted as if anything is possible.


Allen emphasized he wasn't in town to tell anybody how to play the game.

"I never played the game professionally and I have people in place to run the baseball operations and my role is to re-enforce what needs to be done," he said.

Asked why he was in Denver instead of general manager Dan O'Brien, he said, "Dan is just a notch above the food chain, while everybody knows I represent Mr. Lindner and ownership and we want it known it goes all the way to the top that we're concerned."

I bolded what I found interesting.  There's no way management can be feeling comfortable right now.

I don't think a change is coming today (especially since the amateur draft is tomorrow), but I think there's going to be some house cleaning in a week or two if the Reds don't pick it up a little.