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The Unthinkable

If this is all DanO can get for Dunn then I think the Reds will be doomed for the next decade:

The Astros naturally have interest in Dunn, a native of Houston. The Astros could put together a package of Class AAA right-hander Ezequiel Astacio, second baseman/outfielder Chris Burke and outfielder Jason Lane -- a high price, to be sure, but likely the kind of deal the Reds would require.


Some other possibilities for Dunn:

# Cubs -- Imagine a 3-4-5 of Derrek Lee, Dunn and Aramis Ramirez at Wrigley Field. The Cubs lack a "can't-miss prospect" but could overwhelm the Reds with a three- or four-player package because of the Cubs' vast depth of young talent. Cornerstone players in the deal could be major league pitchers Sergio Mitre and Todd Wellemeyer.

# Dodgers -- Class AA righthander Chad Billingsley probably is untouchable, but the Dodgers possess one of the deepest farm systems in the game, both in pitchers and position players. They could send left fielder Jayson Werth back to the Reds as part of the package. Or they could keep Werth and use Dunn at first base.

# Yankees -- A package starting with Chien-Ming Wang would be intriguing, provided the second player was second baseman Robinson Cano or Class AA third baseman Eric Duncan. Dunn could be the Yankees' long-term solution at first base -- or in left field if the team does not re-sign Hideki Matsui, a potential free agent.

I left out the more idiotic trade ideas, like Dunn to the Cubs for pitchers like Wellemeyer and Mitre. Which is saying something because the above ideas are pretty damn stupid themselves.

Jason Lane: 28 years old
Chris Burke: 25 years old
Ezequiel Astacio: 25 years old

Adam Dunn: 25 years old

So yeah, a guy who hits 40+ home runs a year, and gets on base 40 percent of the time for two 25 year olds who've accomplished nothing, and a 28 year old who's just now become a regular.

That'd be just terrific.  

I'm terrified that DanO is going to do something similar to the above deals, simply because he doesn't realize what he has in Adam Dunn.  

Remember when the Dodgers could have had him for Edwin Jackson?  You think LA's kicking themselves now?

Dunn should be untradable unless the Reds are getting back at least one pitcher under the age of 25 who's already accomplished something at the major league level, plus a stud prospect or two.  It's just not worth it to deal him otherwise.

Please DanO, for God's sake, don't screw this one up.