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Trading Stance Still Uncertain


The Reds will enter July in the sometimes-uncomfortable realm known as "status quo."

The baseball world is expecting the Reds to be open for business before the July 31 trading deadline, but the ever-meticulous Dan O'Brien isn't ready to put the signs out in the front yard just yet.

"Today, our intent is to go forward with the group of players we have on this roster," O'Brien said on June 21, the day he dismissed manager Dave Miley. "We have not achieved what we are capable of achieving."


"Right now, we're going to stay consistent with what we've talked about," he said. "We have a couple individuals coming off the disabled list, and we're going to see how they integrate into our roster. If they provide a lift, we'll evaluate things at that time. For now, we're status quo."

I have the terrible feeling that O'Brien may be so indecisive that teams are simply going to shop elsewhere.

Also, I've said it before, but his greatest sin might not be how terrible he is at constructing a winning ballclub.  Instead, I think DanO's greatest sin might be how incredibly boring he is.