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Graves Still Talking

From the Philly Inquirer:

Getting released is never a happy time in a player's career, but Graves is thrilled it happened.

"I was one of the lucky ones who got out," he said. "I was fortunate. It was going downhill so badly. I was so glad to get out when I did.

"It's too bad. Cincinnati is a great baseball town. But they've got a lot of problems in that organization. I feel bad for the guys over there. It's got to be miserable for them. They're all loving it for me."


"I was surprised they fired the pitching coach," said Graves, who figured in the carnage. "Don Gullett is a great teacher. He got shafted. To me, it's not his fault. He's done what he could with what he had. You're only given so much to work with. In that park it's difficult to dominate."

Milton has given up 15 homers in cozy Great American Ball Park, as opposed to 12 on the road. However, his ERA is actually better at home (5.71) than on the road (10.60).

"I never asked him and he never said it, but I got the sense he might be wishing he went somewhere else," Graves said of Milton. "I'm guessing a lot of guys over there wish they were somewhere else. They're all envious of me."

Danny's been sucking for the Mets as well, so it's really surprising that he's feeling the need to dish.  I guess his emotional self must be pretty small at this point.

Poor guy.

Ok, no seriously, Danny just shut up.  The only thing you're accomplishing at this point is making yourself look bad.  The entire world knows that the Reds are run terribly, but one of the few things Dan O'Brien has done right this season is getting rid of you.  

I set the Over/Under on Graves being out of baseball at three years, and if I had to choose I'd take the under.