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Game Thread: Game 73

TIME: 7:05 @ Jacobs Field

               INDIANS PROBABLE:
Luke Hudson (1-1, 5.63)       Jake Westbrook (4-9, 4.57)

Weird happenings in Reds country.

First of all, Ryan Freel was placed on the 15 day DL, retroactive to June 19.  So that means, in hindsight, the Reds have been playing with a 24 man roster for five days.  

Cincinnati does this crap all the time and it has got to stop.  If someone gets hurt, DL them.  Easy as that.

Secondly, no Edwin Encarnacion in the lineup tonight.  Why is here again?  Jacob Cruz is DH'ing.

Thirdly, Jason Romano was recalled to replace Freel.  DanO is just a tad too loyal to his acquisitions.  I'd have preferred to see Chris Denorfia for a week than Jason Romano yet again.  And I don't even dislike Romano as much as some, I just think it would have been a good experience for Denorfia.  Getting a taste of big league life has to be a great motivator.