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More Kearns

From the Enquirer:

O'Brien would not say how long Kearns will be down, but getting his hitting stroke in order is only one part of the equation.

The Reds weren't happy with the shape Kearns is in. He was playing at 255 pounds when optioned.

Asked if the club wanted Kearns to improve his conditioning, O'Brien said: "There's certain elements to the overall program that I would just as soon not comment on. Let's just say it is a diverse program, covering quite a few components.

Brace yourselves, I'm about to agree with Dan O'Brien.

Austin Kearns is clearly not a workout fiend.  He doesn't take great care of himself.  Anyone who's seen a Reds game this year can't deny it.

I'm not saying the guy's fat, but it's clear that he doesn't put a high priority on his physical condition. He needs to change that. I'm not a Kearns detractor, and I think he should be with the Reds, not at Louisville, but he does need to be in better shape.  It's a smart career move.  Being in tip top condition will help stave off injuries, and it'll make him a better defender.  Austin Kearns at 220, or 235, or even 245 is worth a great deal more to the Reds, and to any other franchise, than Austin Kearns at 255.

I've never understood overweight pro athletes.  They depend on their bodies for their livelihood, which would lead you to think they'd be fanatical when it comes to personal upkeep.  And yet you get the John Kruks of the world who can't manage to lay off the cheese dip.  It catches up to them eventually, as it did to Kruk who only made it through his age 34 season.  Hopefully Kearns understands what's at stake here and gets things turned around.