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Appreciating Dunn

Not surprisingly, Dayn Perry gets it:

Adam Dunn, Reds

The Reds organization is in a state of complete upheaval at the moment. And Dunn has been a convenient whipping boy in recent weeks (never mind that he's far and away the team's best player), mostly because of his low batting average and lofty strikeout totals.

But let's be frank: Dunn is more critical to the future success of the Reds than anyone currently involved with the organization -- player or executive.

This year, he's slugging .553 with a .395 OBP and is on pace for 41 homers and 119 walks. That's top-shelf production regardless of how many times he's whiffing. Furthermore, by season's end Dunn will likely be in the top 20 all-time for career home runs before age 26. To cut bait on him at this juncture would be a mammoth mistake.