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Another Reason to Dislike Aurilia

As if I needed another.  From the Enquirer:

Miley was not universally popular in the clubhouse. Rich Aurilia endorsed his firing.

"It's a step in the right direction," Aurilia said.

Aurilia, of course, was not happy that he lost his starting job to Felipe Lopez.

Told one day that Aurilia was going to rip him because Aurilia wasn't in the lineup, Miley mentioned Lopez's stats and then said:

"What do you want me to do about it? I'm only one man."

Felipe Lopez is probably the best shortstop in the national league thus far, but Rich Aurilia still thought he didn't deserve a benching after starting the season off so terribly in his first 100 at bats.

I see people intrigued by his recent hot start, and I just have to say don't be suckered.  Every player has hot streaks, and even with the massive hot streak he's had over the past couple weeks he's still only hitting .266/.299/.455.

Hey if he has another solid day tomorrow he might even crack that magical .300 OBP line.  What a great player.

I sincerely hope Dan O'Brien is looking to trade Rich.  He's been polished up about as much as he's ever going to get.  Now's the time to make a deal.