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O'Brien Press Conference, Thoughts on the Shakeup

Highlights from the press conference:

Dan O'Brien said it was his decision to fire Miley and Gullett.  He also said that Narron would be the manager for the rest of the season, and that we should see a significant difference in style of play with Narron at the helm.

Narron said that he's very intense and that he expects his players to be the same way on the field.  He also said that he'd like to seperate the lefties and righties in the order, and that he'd like to move people around in the lineup.

In other related news, Peter Gammons is reporting that Narron is trying to hire Grady Little as his bench coach.

My thoughts on the matter are conflicted.  I'm certainly glad to see the moves made, especially the Gullett firing, but I still have little hope that this team is going to improve.  The stink on this team is emanating from the general manager's office, and I don't think things are going to get better until he's removed.

It'll be interesting to see if the pitching improves.  I'd love to see the Reds abandon the pitch to contact idiocy, but that seems to be O'Brien's thing so I'm not sure it'll change.

So, in summary, good moves, but we're still treading water in the grand scheme of things.