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Minor League Draft

As I said earlier, I'm participating in the John Sickels mock amateur draft.  This is the thread for that.  

At the moment I'm leaning towards taking Jeff Clement, a catcher from USC, in the first round. There's a strong organizational weakness at the catcher position, and the Reds need to fill it at some point.

Jason LaRue's a gamer, but he's only going to be around another year or two.  While I think the Reds have some decent backup catching prospects in the system (Sardinha, Peterson, Perez) I don't think there are any starters at the moment.

This is a thread for you to talk about the amateur draft.  Feel free to post about your drafting philosophy, what you think the Reds should do, and also feel free to try to talk me out of taking Clement in the mock draft.