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Whopper of a Column from McCoy

Slyde mentioned this in the game thread from last night, but it definitely deserves it's own entry.  

From Hal McCoy:

CINCINNATI | Paul Wilson's surgery Friday revealed tears in the rotator cuff and the labrum, and to Dr. Tim Kremchek that's good news -- and it has nothing to do with the good doctor's bill.

"This shows he had reason to feel a pinch and to pitch ineffectively," Kremchek said.

Wilson begins a long, difficult rehabilitation road, hoping to pitch by spring training. He begins range of motion work today. After four to six weeks, he'll begin strengthening. Then he'll start tossing in three to four months. He'll be off a mound in five to six months, then throwing hard with all his pitches in six to nine months.

The shocker is that Kremchek admitted the Reds knew Wilson had a partial tear in his rotator cuff and labral deterioration three years ago when they signed him.

"We signed him anyway," Kremchek said. "Dr. Jim Andrews, who did his operation 10 years ago, said, 'Hey, don't worry, Paul is doing quite well.' His MRI hasn't changed in three years. I could name 10 pitchers in the majors pitching with worse-looking MRIs."

Kremchek said the partial tears are from a decade ago. He said medical advancements in the past 10 years enabled him to fix Wilson's shoulder with one procedure.

"Now we can fix anything," Kremchek said. "This will make him stronger and better than ever. We want him back next year and for four or five years."

Dunn unhappy

Adam Dunn was given another day off Friday, and he was about as happy as he was for his last day off June 3 in Colorado. That time, he didn't complain because he wasn't hitting well.

Now he is vocal about it after hitting a 455-foot homer Thursday.

"I don't know why I'm off," he said. "And, of course, they didn't tell me Thursday -- that would be too easy, they waited until today (Friday) when my mom and dad are here for the games.

"I found something working with Chris Chambliss in the batting cage Thursday," Dunn added. "That's the way it usually happens for me. Something snaps into place and I say, 'Oh, yeah, that's it,' then I'm able to take it into batting practice and into games."

Asked what would have happened if he had hit a 500-foot homer, Dunn said, "I probably would have gotten two days off."

Kearns unhappy

Dunn and Austin Kearns have talked often via cellphone since Kearns was demoted last week to Class AAA Louisville. Dunn misses his friend and lockermate.

"I hate it without him," Dunn said. "All they're doing is seeing if they can break his confidence, then they'll want him to start from scratch. He is finally fed up and said he is just waiting to see what happens, knowing if they don't want him, he can go somewhere else and play every day -- like Atlanta, Washington, the Chicago Cubs.

"When that happens, I know what will happen ... he'll hit .325 with 20 homers and 100 RBIs."

Trade good for Reitsma

Chris Reitsma threw Cincinnati's Wily Mo Pena two 95 mph fastballs for strikes in the ninth inning of Thursday's 5-2 Braves win.

Everybody who knows Reitsma knew what was coming next. Reitsma struck out Pena with a 75 mph changeup.

"I'm glad Pena didn't know," Reitsma said.

In March 2004, the Reds traded Reitsma to the Braves for pitchers Bubba Nelson and J.K. Bong.

After Nelson was arrested on a DUI charge this spring, he went to Class AA Chattanooga, where he is 2-1 with a 3.34 ERA and nine saves. Bong has spent this year on the DL (shoulder), made a rehab start in Sarasota this week and broke his hand when hit with a line drive.

Reitsma? He recently became Atlanta's closer, and in his last nine games, he has 11 straight scoreless innings, giving up six hits, striking out 11 and walking two.

"I'm having fun," Reitsma said. "It worked out for me. Sometimes it is best to move on. That's life. That's baseball."

I helpfully bolded what I thought was important.  Notice I bolded nearly everything.

I've never seen a beat writer so indirectly unload on a team.  It seems obvious what McCoy thinks of the current state of the Reds.

The Reds signed Paul Wilson with an already torn labrum.  And then resigned him last winter.  What did they expect?  I mean seriously, WHAT DID THEY EXPECT?

Adam Dunn hates the front office, and will be leaving the first chance he gets.  We've covered that previously, but Miley and the Reds continue to try to piss him off as much as possible.

Dunn's whining about Kearns, sure, but he makes an excellent point when it comes to the way they seem to be trying to break his spirit.  

Chris Reitsma throws 95 with a wicked changeup.  And we traded him for a constantly injured Jung Bong, and a AA closer in Bubba Nelson.  I didn't hate that trade when it was made, but man it looks bad now.

In other news, hot girls.  So there is that at least.