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Reds Standing Pat for Now

From the Post:

Three or four weeks from now, the Reds could very well be in unloading mode.

Veterans with reasonably priced, short-term contracts could be on the move, as could one of their more lucrative chips - an outfielder or first baseman Sean Casey.

For now, though, the front office will stand pat. General manager Dan O'Brien said Thursday that the team is not looking to trade anyone.

"No, we're not," he said. "Ask me that question a month from now (and the answer might be different), but no, not right now."


It sounds as if the Reds will hold things steady until they see exactly what they have.

"I still feel that there are some components that haven't been in place long enough to make an overall evaluation of the team," O'Brien said. "We're still going to see what Luke getting the ball every fifth day looks like, we're going to see what Josh Hancock looks like when he's here and what he might be able to do to help us. We will assess it when all of those hopefully healthy pieces are here."

That patient approach apparently will keep possible trade bait like Casey, third baseman Joe Randa and the young outfield trio of Kearns, Adam Dunn and Wily Mo Pena in place for a while longer.

It also indicates that the jobs of manager Dave Miley and members of his coaching staff are in no imminent danger, a stance O'Brien has maintained consistently throughout the team's poor start.

We can't properly evaluate this team yet guys.  I mean what are we thinking being upset by the 26-40 start when the Reds haven't even had some of their best players, players like Josh Hancock and Anderson Machado?

Don't despair everyone, Josh Hancock is going to turn this season around.  Or something.  But take comfort in the fact that Dan O'Brien isn't going to do anything hasty.  No sir, not him.  Slow and steady wins the race for DanO.