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Reds Need to Fire the Owner

From Ken Rosenthal:

Miley, who has been the team's manager since July 28, 2003, will deserve his fate; he has lost the respect of his players. But the Reds can't pretend that replacing Miley, most likely with bench coach Jerry Narron, will salvage their season.

It's too far gone.

General manager Dan O'Brien deserves blame for one of the worst offseason reconstructions in recent memory. But even O'Brien is more of a symptom than the problem. The harsh reality: The Reds will remain doomed as long as Carl Lindner, 85, remains their owner.

It is Lindner who chose O'Brien after Allen recommended Twins assistant G.M. Wayne Krivsky and Lindner who chose Miley after O'Brien recommended Pirates farm director Brian Graham and Lindner who keeps the ineffectual Allen in power.

Really terrific column, by someone who seems to understand the situation well.

I think the Reds could be successful with Lindner as an owner, but he has to hire someone who knows something about baseball to hire the middle management (GM, etc.).  John Allen clearly isn't that guy.

More and more every day I'm missing Jim Bowden.  It's irrational, and I never thought I'd feel that way, but Bowden was far superior to what we have now.  It's really quite sad.