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Game Thread: Game 63

TIME: 7:05 @ Fenway Park

           RED SOX PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (3-7, 7.46)       Matt Clement (6-1, 3.79)

First game against the Red Sox since 1975.  A pity we've got to run Eric Milton out to the mound.

I wish we'd wildly overpayed Matt Clement instead of signing Eric Milton.  I think if we'd offered Clement $12-$13 million a year he would have spurned Boston.  

But then Dan O'Brien wouldn't have gotten the accolades from the local press, and it's become obvious that he'd rather do something "safe" then take a risk such as overpaying Clement.

Poor Austin.  He could've DH'd the next few games.  Instead I'm sure we'll see Rich Aurilia or Jacob Cruz, who've both hit well lately ... but I'd still rather see Kearns in there.  Nothing's going to convince me that Aurilia's recent success is anything but fleeting.

This season might already be over and done, but it'd still be pretty satisfying to take a series from the Red Sox.  Let's go Reds!