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Adam Dunn - Poll

I really try not to worry about the lineup. Honestly.

But it's hard when I see Dave Miley doing such a terrible job. He's constantly doing one of two things wrong:

1. Playing the wrong players (Rich Aurilia, Jason Romano, etc.)


2. Doing completely illogical things with the batting order.

The Reds have one of the best hitters in baseball in Adam Dunn, and yet he's been hitting sixth since the return of Wily Mo. A guy with a .396 OBP, and Miley is sticking him in the 6 slot.

How does that make sense? Don't you want better hitters than your 7-8-9 guys hitting behind Dunn? Shouldn't the Reds be trying to take advantage of a guy who gets on base nearly 40% of the time?

There'd be another advantage to batting Dunn higher in the order: he'd see better pitches. That's something I'd kinda like since Adam has the most power on the team (which is saying something on a team that boasts KGJ and Wily Mo).

Adam Dunn should be hitting third. It'll never happen, because the Reds can't get past his batting average, but it should.

Attached is a poll, let me know where you think Dunn should be hitting.