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Aurilia Upset?

From today's Enquirer:

Aurilia has played 22 games in his career at second. Most of that came with San Francisco in 1996. He did play some second with San Diego last year.

"I'm comfortable," he said. "But not as comfortable as I'd be at third. I've played there more, and it's on the same side of the infield (as shortstop)."


Aurilia doesn't sound too enthralled with the utility role.

"It wasn't something that was discussed," he said. "I was told it would happen. That's fine. It's just tough coming every day and not knowing where you're going to play."

Unbelievable.  He only does a one game rehab assignment while Wily Mo has been in Louisville for a week, and now he's crying about his position and playing time.

I just love that veteran presence.