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-- Red Hot Mama looks at Ryan Freel in her Human League series.  The Ryan Freel at Applebee's story is top notch.

-- Brian Erts on the past 54 years of Reds shortstops:

Being a Cincinnati fan you can't be anything but aware that the Reds have had essentially 4 shortstops since 1951. From 1950-2004 sixty-seven men have played shortstop for the Reds, a total of 8680 games.

The amazing fact within this fact is that 80% of those games were played by only four men, equally amazing is 51% of them were played by only two men.

Spoiled is the Reds fan in his shortstop history, but how spoiled are we?

-- Even with the Segway I'm thinking I still wouldn't be a Rich Aurilia fan.  But I like the bionic arm that throws 50 MPH, "70 MPH if it's going down hill".

-- One of the most underserved baseball blog markets out there is college baseball.  But there's a great new site covering all the ins and outs of baseball at the college level, College Baseball News. Looks like a great site, and it'll be going into the sidebar on the right.