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Game Thread: Game 52

TIME: 8:05 @ Minute Maid Park

             ASTROS PROBABLE:
Matt Belisle (2-4, 4.67)       Brandon Backe (4-3, 4.73)

So ... 6-2 since the release of Danny Graves.  Should we read anything into that?  Are the Reds a genuinely improved team, or have they just had a nice stretch against some weak competition?  I'm just enjoying winning for a change.  We'll see if things have truly improved when the Reds go through their 18 game stretch in June when they play the Orioles (3 games), Red Sox (3 games), Braves (4 games), Cardinals (5 games), and Indians (3 games).

RedsZone is speculating that the Reds will be receiving nothing for Danny Graves.  It's hard for me to believe that O'Brien couldn't have gotten some scrub for the guy.  We're paying his salary either way so you'd think some return would be better than none.

Let's see if Matt Belisle can repeat his performance from his last time out.  Let's go Reds!