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Still Not Feeling Much Better

I woke up this morning after a great night of sleep, still feeling pretty annoyed about the game last night.  I really don't know that I've ever been this low as a Reds fan, and I have little hope that the team is going to pick me up.

A couple of tidbits:

Brian Erts has an excellent post on Danny Graves over at Redleg Nation:

On August 23rd, 2003 on a flight back from Arizona (Where Graves had pitched
2 innings and took the loss to fall to 4-14) the decision was made to move Graves
back to the bullpen.

"I'm excited," he said. "I think (starting) was an experiment that didn't go as
well as we had hoped, and the people who wanted me to do it aren't here anymore.
I'm not saying it was a bad decision, but it's just something that didn't work."

"I'm excited that my arm's not going to hurt any more. It (starting) is something that's
just not for me."

So... HE'S excited!!!!!

Nothing said about the how he came to camp unable to throw from the windup, nothing
about the huge amount to hits and HR's he had surrendered, or the starter pay he was
no getting to close games, nothing at all.

Great post, but be warned: there are two photos that will make you want to claw out your eyes.

Curveblog, a St. Louis Cardinals blog, has a roundup of Reds fans reactions after last night.  I only mention this because he included some of you guys, and also because the writer was very gracious about the win:

it gives me no pleasure to read, ex post facto, the real-time grief of great fans as they watched their tradition-rich team go to pot. . . . .

Cardinals fans have always struck me as a classy sort, and this reinforces my stereotype.