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Surprisingly, to me at least, D'Angelo Jimenez is now a Chattanooga Lookout.

Why the Reds wanted to add insult to injury and send him all the way to AA is beyond me.  If he plays second down there he'll be taking time away from Kevin Howard, who's a mid-level prospect.

[update: I'm trying to get all the implications of this down. This means Jimenez passed through waivers unclaimed. I'm assuming it also means that the Reds were unable to trade him, since you'd think they would have preferred that to him playing at AA. I believe that Jimenez had to accept this to receive the full value of his contract, but someone with a better grasp of the rules can correct me on that if I'm wrong.

D'Angelo is going to rake at AA, which will make for an awkward situation if he doesn't rejoin the team after playing well.]