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Check out this prospect retrospective on D'Angelo Jimenez over at Minor League Ball.  I haven't been too hard on Jimenez this year because I think he's a better player than what we've been seeing.  Some players just start slow, but I think he'll rebound.  His main problem is that he's had an extremely short leash because of how well Ryan Freel has played.

Baseball America has the Reds picking catcher Jeff Clement in the first round of this year's amateur draft:

12. REDS
The Reds have been hot on the trail of Florida righthander Chris Volstad, the best high school arm in the draft. But they have a more pressing need for a catcher or third baseman, with Clement and Braun the most likely players still on the board who could fill those holes.

I think they'll take Volstad if he's available.  This front office doesn't seem to learn from mistakes.

Fun with quotes:

Though it's unclear whether the Reds will do anything today before their 7:10 p.m. game with the Cleveland Indians, here's three things they won't do:

Make any changes in the front office. "It's too early for that," chief executive officer Carl Lindner said.

Make any changes as far as manager Dave Miley or his coaching staff. "It's status quo," general manager Dan O'Brien said. "It's a non- issue."

Activate Wily Mo Peña from the disabled list. "After getting the medical reports (Thursday)," O'Brien said, "it doesn't appear that he's ready to come off the DL."

Status Quo Fever in '05.  Catch it!

Poor demented Carl Lindner:

"As I look over the different teams, this kind of thing goes with baseball," Lindner said.

Is he frustrated?

"I don't get frustrated," he said. "I'm just trying to work things out."

You hired the wrong people to do the job Carl.  Please recognize that.  I'm not one of those people wishing you were dead so that things would change, I promise.  I'd love for you to fix things.  So do it, k?


For all the people who disliked Jim Bowden (and I was one, trust me) ... Dan O'Brien is worse.  Way worse.  Not only is he a worse ML GM ... he does his job in a far less entertaining fashion.

I miss Jim Bowden.  There, I've hit rock bottom.