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Game Thread: Game 25

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

Eric Milton (2-2, 6.75)        Chris Carpenter (4-1, 4.01)

Homecoming.  Battered and bruised, the Reds shuffle home tonight to find one of the strongest teams in baseball awaiting them.  

The Reds are on the ropes, and how they'll respond is anybody's guess.  For traditionalists this is what it's all about.  All that matters tonight, and for the next two days, is heart.  How bad do the Reds want to turn things around?  How much do they want to avoid playing out the string for the next five months?

Eric Milton takes the hill, our $8.75 million "stopper".  Stop snickering.  

No really stop.  Stop it.


Yes, I agree.  Milton isn't exactly who we want to run out there tonight, not against this lineup.  But it's not as if we have anyone better.  Aaron Harang may be developing into something ... better, but he's not all the way there yet.  Eric Milton is it.

This is it.

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Let's go Reds!  Give us a reason to hope.